It is hard not to fall into the all too familiar depths of darkness and pain .

The cold dark-room of my heart welcomes me with nothing to accompany me but Sorrow as my closest friend.


Hello Sorrow.

He nods back.

It hasn’t been a very long time since my last visit, has it? Shall we get comfortable, this time? I’ll be a while.  

He beckons for me to look behind me. Therein lays a red-clothed three-sitter couch.

But who else?

As soon as the words slipped my mouth, I saw Pain in the corner. Ah, how could I forget. They usually take turns tending to me when I’m here.  

You know I won’t be leaving soon this time. 

They nod in silence.


I cried myself to sleep that night, and the one after, and the one after that..

Sorrow has been by my side, keeping me company each night. It is not until the fire of Happiness, however small these days, dwindled into smoke with nothing but black soot left, that I’d fall asleep.

When I wake, Pain is usually the first person I’d see, but I know we’d part ways as soon as dusk hits, and Sorrow will be my company until I shut my eyes.





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